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15430 2013年6月27日 19時12分
Quill of Gemination
Can someone please help me where to locate the quill of Gemination in lake Hornrich.

it's supposed to be on one of the little islands but I can't find it!
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Haerken 2013年6月27日 19時24分 
It's in the water, not on an island. You didn't hear correctly..
Jela'n 2013年6月27日 19時49分 
Between the ship at Riften and the ship at Goldenglow estate,roughly in the centre of the two ships.Keep diving down and you will see a half sunken boat at the bottom, the Quill is in the chest.
Jogon 2013年6月27日 20時02分 
You need to search around a bit when you find the boat.
papercup 2013年7月20日 15時21分 
I was having a lot of trouble with this too, but this really helped.
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