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Dark brotherhood lost
I am apart of the theives guild and I relly like it there,we are nort suppose to kill, but then the whole dark brotherhood initiation. ectI destroyed the dark brotherhood I want to know did I do the right thing as in was I going to assasinate inicent people or bad people.
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Chaith 26. Juni 2013 um 9:57 Uhr 
Yea, destroy the dark brotherhood. I did, doesn't effect your reputation in any town. After you do this talk to a guard and you will be rewarded for doing it.
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I did 3,000 gold
Anvos 26. Juni 2013 um 10:56 Uhr 
The Brotherhood isn't the Mora Tong they kill because people do their silly ritual and provide suitable payment.
Thrakmor 26. Juni 2013 um 11:08 Uhr 
if you dont destroy the brotherhood, you get an unlimited ammount of cash, as well as a bunch for going through the questline
TheCrappyPlayer69/youtube 26. Juni 2013 um 11:12 Uhr 
Well most of them were bad at the start of the questline but towards the end you were just killing people for no reason, i think you did the right thing.
Monkey D. Dhalsim 26. Juni 2013 um 11:51 Uhr 
Well i'd say it is best to do the Dark Brotherhood questline, you get to kill a very important person :D
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