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Vixen ~SUMMER!!!~ (禁止済) 2013年6月25日 18時58分
I can't find my wife/housecarl Lydia, Help!
I can't find her, and I last remember seeing her in my house in Whiterun. Is anyone else having this problem?
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Jogon 2013年6月25日 19時14分 
She does go out checking around the house but perhaps she has been kidnapped if she has been missing for a couple of days. Otherwise try fast-travelling to a nearby destination and see if she appears.
Vixen ~SUMMER!!!~ (禁止済) 2013年6月25日 19時32分 
I don't have Hearthfire. Only Dawnguard. From what I know, kidnapping is only used in houses in the wilderness. I learned that from Hearthfire on my Xbox 360, as well as Azhidal's armor kicks a**.
fran25 2013年6月25日 21時28分 
She nevers leaves the house unless she is with me and I have to constantly turn around to see if she is behind. So you might have to go to a previous save. Trying going to Breezehome and see if she is there make sure you fast travel to Whiterun and look behind you.
fran25 2013年6月26日 1時45分 
Did you ever find Lydia leave me a message she is my favorite in the game.
Vixen ~SUMMER!!!~ (禁止済) 2013年6月26日 10時14分 
@Fran25, When I use her base command, I transport into her room, but I see her defy the collision rule in the game, but I only see her shadow and then only see her for about a second. And my favorite companion in Skyrim is Serana. Dawnguard only.
fran25 2013年6月26日 11時27分 
That's not unusual most people like Serana more than Lydia. I just seem to like her for some reason.
tc2760 2013年6月26日 11時59分 
if you want to find her either just fast travel or look in your breezhome if she is not in there then she IS kidnapped and you will have to find her. There is a person you can get the quest from i forget who but either get the quest or find her yourself. Good Luck.
Vixen ~SUMMER!!!~ (禁止済) 2013年6月26日 11時59分 
@Mindjacker, she is the Child of Coldharbor. Not just any vampire lord's daughter. Plus she kicks a**.
Vixen ~SUMMER!!!~ (禁止済) 2013年6月26日 12時03分 
@tc2760, read what I wrote. The one before @fran25.
Earl of Fistfuckingham 2013年6月26日 12時18分 
theres a mod, idk if its on steam, but its on skyrim nexus mods, it tells you on the map exactly where your follower is. just like you appear on the map. might help you. lydia got stuck on top of a mountain for me. i went into a building, which usually makes her catch up, but she didnt appear.
Vixen ~SUMMER!!!~ (禁止済) 2013年6月26日 12時21分 
I don't use Nexus. Only steam.
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