The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

GrizzlyBear 2013年6月25日下午3:01
Upgrading to Legendary Edition. Possible conflicts with mods?
I have vanilla Skyrim with around 40 mods installed and everything works like a charm. Can some mods cause issues if I buy the LE in the middle of my current playthrough?
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EtheralFalcon 2013年6月25日下午3:05 
it depends on the mods really but generally it shouldnt.
EtheralFalcon 2013年6月25日下午3:26 
other than the texture mods i dont see anything that could mess up, if in doubt just search for the mod with dlc compatibilaty and if you dont find one its fine. if you do find it download the new one.
GrizzlyBear 2013年6月25日下午8:16 
Okay. Thanks!
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