eevgeniy 2013年6月25日 12時44分
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition dont work
I installed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition, but this game crashed on load start menu. If i disable Dawnguard.esm and HearthFires.esm, then his works. Need help.
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DropDeadGhost 2013年6月25日 12時50分 
hi eevgeniy,

problem is actual for 2 days, no heartfires will wor, just DAWNGUARD will not.


because go to the game folder and to /data/strings and there should be not any go to the /data/STRINGS if there is dawnguard_XXXXX.dlstrings (XXXXX means your localization)

I have Czech localization, so, for me fix was to download additionally that files :)
eevgeniy 2013年6月25日 13時00分 
Thanks! Realy in my /data/strings i have only Dragonborn_XXX files, dont have Dawnguard and HearthFires.....if i did copy files english localization - game will work with Dawnguard and HearthFires?
eevgeniy 2013年6月25日 19時33分 
anybody can help?
DropDeadGhost 2013年6月25日 23時31分 
yes, it will, you need to find them, but no idea, where, try your friend, if he has working dawnguard and heartfires and copy from him or there is a second chance...try to google it..
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eevgeniy 2013年6月26日 7時07分 
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