ScreaminEagle85 24. kesä, 2013 20.03
Creepy lil girl
Has anyone else seen this? I keep trying to get a screenshot but it only appears when I'm not paying attention. Sometimes, in no particular pattern, when I come out of a house/shop/bar/etc. For like a split second there will be a child NPC a few feet away from me. (usually at the edge of the porch or stairs) She's holding perfectly still and instantly vanishes without a trace.

Now I'm not stranger to npcs phasing in unexpectedly but this particular one is making a nasty this game haunted?
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KERA_AK 24. kesä, 2013 20.52 
Hmm intressting, maybe you attacted some kind of virus or eat summit or drunk something? Ignized a mission? Never heard of this one yet as am a late Skyrim player still, waited for the price drop + dlc ;) etc etc I really hope u get the chance next time you see this creepy girl :-) GL.

voltcheck 24. kesä, 2013 20.53 
give us pics and we can say if its haunted or not. see if you can identify the NPC's name as well.
ScreaminEagle85 24. kesä, 2013 22.19 
I'm trying too but the brat vanishes within a half second...and I can't anticipate where she pops up again.
Practical1 24. kesä, 2013 22.37 
"They took my baby."

Oh god, if someone modded a creepy kid into the game that randomly appears right behind you and says that, I would run to the hills... perhaps with a box over my head and Lydia dragging along behind me, constantly going off about my burdens.

Assuming you're able to eventually get a glimpse of the girl's name, perhaps this[] article from the Skyrim Wiki might help you... although, since every last child in Skyrim is a clone of each other, I doubt pictures of just her face and nothing else would help very much.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 24. kesä, 2013 22.44 
Your haunted! .o_O.......


I'm now freaked out and need the magic safety blanket of anti ghosts over me now..
Blanket is magic,...boogey man can't get me under it cos blanket is m-m-magic.........
voltcheck 24. kesä, 2013 22.46 
lol, has master dan ever messed with an ouiji board in skyrim? :3
Wesker Frank 24. kesä, 2013 23.35 
I think ive seen her before. She asked me to kill someone. I din,t pay much attention though
Psychotic Ninja 24. kesä, 2013 23.50 
Sounds like Creepypasta metrial.
ScreaminEagle85 25. kesä, 2013 0.48 
Its the little girl that escaped Slenderman...still trying to capture a picture of her.
shiva7663 25. kesä, 2013 1.36 
It might just be a Hearthfire adoption quest glitch.
ScreaminEagle85 25. kesä, 2013 1.51 
<< Or its the little girl that never got adopted....
Earl of Fistfuckingham 25. kesä, 2013 1.57 
Did any japanese friends at any point in time give you an old VHS to watch about a little girl trapped in a well?
Sturmgewehr_44 25. kesä, 2013 8.49 
Its interesting, because the creation kit has some stuff relating to a "haunting" quest, even though nothing like that exists in the final game.
KERA_AK 25. kesä, 2013 9.28 
Maybe it´s Alma from FEAR? Or those ugly creepy un normal creepy hell of vaa s.c.a.r.y childs from those Japanese movies :-| ;-)

[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 25. kesä, 2013 13.46 should write a short ghost story about it, your OP scared the crap outta me :/
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