The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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jjb-54 2013년 6월 24일 오후 6시 45분
PC Upgrade - For Skyrim (all DLC's) and mods
Okay, this summer I'm going to upgrade or just buy a new PC - would love some good dialog / input on this ... I want graphics - memory and speed. I really am not all that excited about Win 8, as I'm reading too many issues w/games (Skyrim included) not Win 8 friendly. So will likely downgrade to Win 7 Pro.

Let the recommendations be posted!
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radoslaw85 2013년 6월 26일 오전 7시 51분 
firstly about operating system win 7 home edition or pro? pro is better only if u are about to create windows based server of some sort - for the rest better use home edition.

secondly if uwant to play without stress and geting angry buy good stuff like
Asus mainboard,
Nvidia (and nvidia only ) graph card (best if titanium version (ti))
DDR 3 memory type
quad core processor (AMD or INTEL )
and buy small like 160 - 320 gb interior hdd + 3 TB external hdd drive

and that about it from me
ShocksOculus #VR-CLUB 2013년 6월 26일 오전 8시 41분 
Get a good CPU; in this case only an Intel quad will do.
kenneth.underwood 2013년 6월 26일 오전 8시 55분 
I have an MSi GT780DXR gaming laptop that comes with 16GB of RAM. I locked the system files and drivers in memory and disabled paging. This stopped the annoying glitches from paging system and Skyrim files to disk. I also upgraded the 1.5TB hard drive (2@750GB HDD, SATA2, raid0) to 1.0TB (2@1TB hybrid SSHD, SATA3, raid1) which has made a considerable speed improvement when reading the considerable number of graphics files as well as providing hard disk redundancy.
Magneo 2013년 6월 26일 오전 9시 08분 
Have some fun at the alienware or cyberpower site. You can use their configurators to get ideas for yourself if you want to build it at home. Intel i5 or i7 or AMD quad core 3.8ghz or greater. I use an AMD system including an aging 2GB HD6970 and the game runs great including texture, enb and many other mods, so don't feel you've got to buy an NVidia GPU. Make sure though the GPU's has 2gb of graphics memory or more. A budget of $950-$1400 will get you a great to killer system. No need to pay more unless you want to.
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Astralic 2013년 6월 26일 오후 12시 57분 
Overclocked i5
GTX 780
120GB SSD 500Mbps read/write or better with skyrim and windows on it
8GB ram

Thats basically the requirement to run a really modded skyrim with no hardware issues and fast loading.

I have a similar PC (7950 instead of gtx 780) and this is what my Skyrim looks like, its stable and playable FPS. The 780 would probbaly run the exact same settings as mine but at like 45-50fps instead of 35ish.

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