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MC_Goji Jun 24, 2013 @ 6:10am
Hello, Heres a mod I had in mind
I was thinking of making a mod that adds a new beast form called the weredeviljho. Basically, a werewolf + the deviljho from Monstern hunter 3. If any one can help me make this mod a reality, since im new to this, and im not a good programmer yet, It would be greatly appreciated.

Bonuses as a Weredeviljho....

-Shares werewolf perk tree
-Can use shouts in beast mode
-immunity to diseases
-50% resistance to fire and frost
-stats increase with player level
-Can go into and out of beast mode at will
- Shouts become 25% stronger


-50% weakness to shock damage
-slower recharge between shouts

How to obtain:

-Gain from World eater blood, which you must drink/eat in order to gain the power. it will be found in bleakfalls barrow, where u fight the giant frostbite spider.

Notes of importance

-It should be a stand alone model, not a retexture of the origional werewolf.
-please contact me if you accept the challenge.

Extras (optional)
-Deviljho's theme plays when in beast mode during battle while in beast mode
- I would love custom sounds if possible.

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