The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Qwis 2013年6月23日上午9:51
Dawnguard Dlc Crash
Hi guys, i've just bought second dlc for skyrim(first one is dragonborn).
After i run game it show Bathesada studio logo, and after 1 sec of game logo i end up on desktop.
I tried to run the game with only selected dawnguard dlc but its crash. I dont have this problem when i try to play vanila or dragonborn
I tried reinstal, setting audio so non of this really works. Any ideas?
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年6月23日上午9:57 
I have got a crash item in this thread..It will also link you to all the other trouble shooting posts online too. Hope this helps :/
Qwis 2013年6月23日上午10:03 
It didnt help, i read it before u send it.
My problem dont involve any mods, cuz i have only official HD packs vol1,2,3 and Dragonborn Dlc...
Dr. Shocks DO -Diabeetus- 2013年6月23日上午10:17 
Well, something is conflicting as crashes immediately after the Betehsda Logo are due to mod/dlc/addon conflicts.

I believe the correct load order is:

Hearthfire [if you have it]

You can sort the load order from the "Data Files" through the Skyrim laucnher.
Or you can use a program that does thesorting of the load order automatically; a program called BOSS
Just download and run. Very cool tool
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日上午10:21 
it is very strange i is crazy day, everyone has a problem with that crashes and dawnguard....and that things with load order ar sh*ts, it will not cause this kinda problems; it is problem with dawnguard.esm
最后由 Vagonbrei 编辑于; 2013年6月23日上午10:21
Qwis 2013年6月23日上午10:26 
Ok, so the reason of correct load doesn't work either . I dont have heartfire, cuz i wrote it in 1 post(gg reading skillz). And this problem is not about correct loads, but probably other stuff.
Dr. Shocks DO -Diabeetus- 2013年6月23日上午10:28 
I wrote Hearthfire just to exclude the possibility [notice how I said if you have it].

GG on your issues.
ptolemy_tortoise 2013年6月23日上午10:29 
yeah I am suddenly getting a ctd after the bethesda logo after a long time without major problems, and yes I have a stack of mods. If I disable dawnguard I can get past the loading screen.... trouble is a few good mods I use have dawnguard as a master, I'd be happy to cut it away otherwise. My troubles seem to have coincided with a steam update so I'm guessing they've broken something.
Qwis 2013年6月23日上午10:31 
I will agree with you DropDeadGhost, sending us to "" won't help cuz last post was like 1,5 month ago, dunno if OP solve the problem.
I only wonder how many ppl with this problem does have 3dlc(dragonborn) - maybe it couse the problem of running the game in some sort of way
Qwis 2013年6月23日上午10:35 
Qosimo anyway thx for help, but if u like to assume that "if i have" you really should read first post.
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日上午10:40 
me, I have legendary edition, so all 3 dlcs together, game is working with dawnguard disabled, as I wrote to bethesda, in my opinion, there was maybe update today, because there is no other reason to crash...
DenSilent 2013年6月23日上午10:43 
Same here. OK without dawnguard.esm and crash with dawnguard.esm
Qwis 2013年6月23日上午10:46 
Nah waiting for patch from bethesada will probably take from 3-5 days, they are good guyz, same as for Dragonborn patch with strange name in skill tree.
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日上午11:42 
in any way, I will be waiting for their response on my ticker, we will see...
Qwis 2013年6月24日上午1:21 
Okey, so i solve a problem but not in the way i relly like it, i change steam language to English and it run with no crash.
Vagonbrei 2013年6月24日上午2:51 
引用自 Qwis
Okey, so i solve a problem but not in the way i relly like it, i change steam language to English and it run with no crash.

you are right :( with english language it is working... f*ck, so if you are not Czech, then there is global problem with localizations..
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