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[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月23日 6時50分
Skyrim crashing
When I turn on the high definition textures pack my game keeps turnig itself off when I load a save. But if I turn the high def. textures off it works just fine. Can anyone tell me a fix for this because I wanted to play with the high def. textures on.

Thank you,
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Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日 7時00分 
don't you like Skyrim 2K more ?
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月23日 7時14分 
I dont know that mod is it better than the high def. textures?
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日 8時02分 
i think, that much better:

there is special mod for furnitures,etc. called SMIM - Static mesh improvement mod:

then to reterture whole ruins clutter:

with this 3 mods you will have a brilliant image - one ENB for visual atmosphere, and you will never ever turn off the skyrim
最近の変更はVagonbreiが行いました; 2013年6月23日 8時02分
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月23日 9時10分 
Thank you very much :D i am running skyrim on high will I need to decrease the graphics?
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日 10時12分 
if you will not use any ENB, and turn-off AA but turn on FXAA; and if you will download LITE version of Skyrim 2K, it should be pretty ok..
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月23日 11時45分 
ok my graphics card is very strong so it should be ok
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日 11時58分 
what gpu you have ?
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月23日 12時24分 
My graphics card is asus geforce gtx 650 ti boost
Vagonbrei 2013年6月23日 12時28分 
beautiful, so don't worry and install full version of every mod, you have a lot o nemory, what is good
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月23日 12時31分 
Cool :DD
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月24日 6時27分 
Oh no I installed the mod and unnistalled the high def. text. I played and it was awesome but now happens the same thing the game just turns of
Vagonbrei 2013年6月24日 6時31分 
at first, go to the launcher and make sure, that old texture pack is unchecked (in installed) or really uninstalled; second thing, try again load some older save game, if it will not work, there should be some problem with som other mod, or are you using just that texture packs what i linked ? or any other mod ?
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月24日 6時33分 
No only those and the heartfire dlc
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月24日 6時38分 
Oh it was probably the save file XD tried different ones and the game works just fiine :D
[PT] Username_Joo 2013年6月24日 6時43分 
Oh it doesnt work :O I was inside a cage and when i went outside Lydia´s armor went pink and the game crashed :S
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