Improper Use 22 juin 2013 à 16h14
Assist Please: Steam Overlay, alt tab and dual cursor.
All three in the title randomly dont work or appear. Anyone know why?

Appart from some CTD's when alt tabbing all used to be fine.

in the case of alt tab and dual cursor, windows tab still works but on the switch back to skyrim I just get black window.

Often the old method of alt tabbing out of skyrim then back, clicking somewhere on the desktop and then alt tabbing back to skyrim or clicking inside the skyrim window... will not work crashes, or I gain an extra cursor.
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 22 juin 2013 à 16h19 
There is a thread on this already...have a look through the forum for it. it isn't hard..Good luck :)

Quick idea. when stuck, press the Skyrim tab in tool bar, when ''nothing happens'', press ctrl+alt+del to bring task manager up, then just cancel the task manager without ending anything, you might find it returning to game, but just check out the other thread for more info :)
Another helpful thread:
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Jogon 22 juin 2013 à 18h36 
There is a mod called Double Cursor Fix-DCF_plugin that gets rid of the second cursor when you reactivate after a CTD. When you get the black window use Ctrl Alt Del and then cancel that should bring you back to where the game dropped out.
_wolfsong 22 juin 2013 à 19h25 
Omg, this happens to me all the time! I just restart Skyrim. It's really annoying isn't it?
Improper Use 23 juin 2013 à 6h54 
thanks for the replies
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