Baz8846 2013년 6월 22일 오전 3시 40분
Unlinking Skyrim
Hi, Can anyone tell me how you can unlink Skyrim from my Steam account so my son can add it to his Steam account? Thanks. Baz!!!
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Mr. J.D. Gumby 2013년 6월 22일 오전 6시 05분 
You can't. Once a game is added to your Steam account, it's there permanently.
Adura 2013년 6월 22일 오전 6시 15분 
Isn't there a game gift/trade system? What about using that? =/
Haven't used it much, so i don't know if it'd work or if it's even worth considering >.<
Dick the Ripper 2013년 6월 22일 오전 6시 18분 
You can't trade or gift a game that you've already added to your account. There are however rumours that Steam is working on a sharing system for Steam, but that's still ages away if it's even true. I'd sudjest just buying it new again for your son, it's 20EUR in retailshops for the vanilla and 39.99 for the legendary on Steam/retailshops.
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