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Sergeant Blueforce 2013年6月22日 3時19分
Blessing of talos problem.
The blessing of talos says that it decreases time between shouts by 0%, but the amulet does.
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Trigger 2013年6月22日 11時49分 
the amulet of talos decreases your wait time by 20%, then go to a talos shrine for additional decrease of 20%=40% decrease in your wait time before you can shout again. it says 0% but it is at 20%
Sergeant Blueforce 2013年6月22日 11時54分 
So it's only visual?
最近の変更はSergeant Blueforceが行いました; 2013年6月22日 11時54分
Trigger 2013年6月22日 12時03分 
on the steam workshop there is a mod called '' EzEs- remove enchanting restrictions'' by EzE what this mod does is allow you to disenchant the Talos Amulet to learn the enchantment, then grab a unenchanted necklace or ring, plus a filled Grand soul gem then enchant the ring or necklace with your new learned SHOUT enchantment. Put it on and shout away, you will have unlimited Shouts
Trigger 2013年6月22日 12時04分 
yes it's only visual
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