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jeremygod34 2013年6月21日 22時42分
help bleach mod
i what his new bankai in E.366 i what it to have dragonbone states and i what to be encsntable
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Jogon 2013年6月21日 23時38分 
I bet you do. If anyone can understand what it is your asking.
Adura 2013年6月22日 2時16分 
OP wants an armor that looks like Ichigo's Bankai from episode 366. He wants it to have the same stats as the Dragonbone armor (I assume it's from Dragonborn) and for it to be enchantable.

It looks somethin' like this:

Though I doubt there will be much support for this... Most (not all) modders like to make mods that fit the theme of Skyrim. Myself included. But I wish you luck OP >.<

Also, OP, please edit and proof-read your posts >.< It will make it easier for others to understand you ^.^
最近の変更はAduraが行いました; 2013年6月22日 2時17分
jeremygod34 2013年6月22日 14時23分 
can you help me with it
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