Swagnamite 2013年6月21日上午10:37
More Platforms!
There will always be some good games, but none will be like Skyrim! It is special in every way, thanks to it's vast open-world and awesome quests. That is why we, the gamers, play it.
But, since we do not live in a world full of joy and happiness ONLY, there will still be some users (like me) who will have Linux/Ubuntu as an operating system. If you could just convert this game to Linux/Ubuntu, we will buy copies of Skyrim just to show you our thankfullness!
We love you, Bethesda!
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Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月21日上午10:38 
You should probably contact Bethesda with this idea.
Swagnamite 2013年6月21日上午10:40 
I did this and, after 2 months, still no reply.
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