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Frankie-Z- Jun 19, 2013 @ 12:16pm
Fix -Game Crashing not starting / loading -FIX
I had this happen a few times...

you can try this,,

make a back up folder somewhere
in the remote skyrim folder in your documents folder .. remove the config files ( ,ini files)
and remove all your saved game files .. put them in back up folder outside the folder they are currently in ..

in your main steam skyrim folder.. (the actual game folder) move the TESV.exe file out of the folder and put it into a backup folder ..

go to the launch menu in steam and verify the game files ..

steam will detect your missing TESV and you will auto download a new TESV.exe
start the game normaly and it will create a new config file..
pick your settings and launch the game..

see if that works

after you get the game working you can try putting some of your saved game files back into the saved games folder and see if they load up..

If you're using SKSE just use the orginal start until the game works before trying to use the SKSE loader..

Saved games that cause a crash are corupted -

I use the Eng Language version of the game I know there are some problems with other language versions when used with DLC or mods not made for thier language , I dount this will help if that's the problem

rare cases in Win 8 or Win 7 , even though you moved the TESV.exe to another folder and over wrote it . the sytem will not recognise the new TESV.exe and use the old TESV.exe until you do a restart of the system ...
Might have to do with your user accounts settings ..
if downloading a new TESV.exe doesnt seem to work as a last resort you can try restarting the PC after downloading the new TESV.exe
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