lewisk 2013年6月19日上午9:43
looking for locations to buy stuff in hearthfire
i want to know were to find some stone or buy the stuff to make my house
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[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger 2013年6月19日上午9:45 
The stone and clay can be found around your new house. You need a pickaxe to mine it but at least one of the stone areas at each house has a pickaxe leaning next to it.

Glass, hay, goat horns, and whatever other miscellaneous materials you need can be bought in general stores. They don't ALWAYS have them, but they often do. Goat horns can, of course, also be found on dead goats every now and then.
lewisk 2013年6月19日上午9:45 
thx ill go look know
lexi-fusrodah 2013年6月19日上午10:02 
stone or clay can be found around your house to mine. hay, goat horns and glass can be found in some general stores or they can be bought from the Kahjiit caravans. Or if you want to cheat, use console commands, although I do not really reccommend
lewisk 2013年6月19日上午10:08 
if i have to use commands what are they?
Astral 2013年6月19日上午10:39 
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