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Hypofallen 2013年6月18日 9時56分
House problem
I am haveing problems getting the house in markarth it says i can buy a house but the stewerd i s not letting me iv done the war quest and all the quests in the city
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年6月18日 10時04分 
Have you seen the Jarl himself?....
Hypofallen 2013年6月18日 10時16分 
ya i talked to him and he said to talk to the steward
Hypofallen 2013年6月18日 10時16分 
now i cant ask the jarl
about the house
fran25 2013年6月18日 10時38分 
Never bought a house in Markarth. Build your own with Hearthfire more fun.
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Hypofallen 2013年6月18日 10時40分 
HTne why are guaurds saaying that theres a house for sale?
Hypofallen 2013年6月18日 10時40分 
And i know what the dlc houses ar for and those are in difrint citys
RoosterCantrell 2013年6月18日 12時11分 
Its actually a known bug. Hopefully you are playing on PC so you can use console commands to fix it.

look at the bottom of the page under "BUGS"

Console commands or do a repeatable quest for a citizen of Markarth. It may trigger the seward to work.
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Fif7y_Caliber 2013年6月18日 14時07分 
Just a thought I ran into a problem once... Not yours but it could be related. I was suppose to talk to someone about something and I couldn't find the dialog... And after a day of complaining about it to my wife I seen it, silly me I needed to scroll down and it was there at the bottom of the dialog. Just a thought though, maybe it will help.
CAP 2013年6月18日 14時08分 
Try the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch. That fixed the same problem for me.
Hypofallen 2013年6月19日 11時03分 
I dint have hearthfire
fran25 2013年6月19日 11時27分 
Without Hearthfire you cannot buy land in Falkreath
fran25 2013年6月19日 11時28分 
CAP の投稿を引用:
Try the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch. That fixed the same problem for me.

I was afraid of the unnoficial patches but someone who knew more urged me to add them they have cleared up so many problems with my games and DLC's highly recomended.
最近の変更はfran25が行いました; 2013年6月19日 11時29分
Hypofallen 2013年6月19日 11時40分 
Its in falkreath its in markarth
Hypofallen 2013年6月19日 11時40分 
Not in falkreath
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