icemanx7 18 jun 2013 om 9:21vm
New to Skyrim Mod help and tips
Hi recently got my copy of skyrim. I never really modded a game before and would some basic tips on how to mod skyrim. What type of programs to use and how to clean my saves. I read that some people clean there mods if they played about 20+ hrs. Any tips would be appreciated. At the moment i only downloaded the nmm and Skyrim HD 2K Landscape lite mod and the LOTR item pack. I did not install them yet as i dont wanna break my game or saves.
My System
GTX 460 1G
i5 2500k Stock
8G ram
Windows 7 64bit
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Not A Weak Pretzel 18 jun 2013 om 9:30vm 
If you want to activate a mod with steam, just click play to go to the launcher and click "Data Files"....There you will find your mods from the steam workshop. Once you are on the "Data Files", at the bottom right of the launcher you will see your mods be downloaded or checking for updates, once they are finished downloading, click the tiny box next to them to "check" them, and then start playing. If I am wrong with this I am sorry and you should go check out some tutorials on Youtube

P.S. Also, Don't worry about screwing up the game, I have multiple mods from the steam workshop and my game worked fine. Only if you download a whole bunch of mods, you should start thinking about deleting the ones you don't need. And if I were you, I would think of getting "Nexus Mod Manager" because on their site, they have some pretty cool mods too.
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icemanx7 18 jun 2013 om 9:40vm 
Thanks for your reply. I have some mods downloaded but i didnt use or install them yet. I also have Nexus Mod Manager. I will try the steam workshop. I am basiclly looking to get better textures and weapons. What are some of the best mods out their for those stuff.
Zen Shot 18 jun 2013 om 10:24vm 
Everything you need to know is here: The Skyrim Mod Sanctuary series on Youtube
pike 18 jun 2013 om 10:29vm 
the main thing to keep in mind when adding mods to the game is to only add them one at a time ,do a test make sure it works as it should and didnt break something else ,

learn how to use BOSS and tesvedit

take your time , always read the readme that goes with the mod , read the comments made about the mod by people who already installed , dont panic if something goes wrong , and it will at some point
icemanx7 18 jun 2013 om 10:43vm 
Thanks for the tips. Will surely check the youtube link. Just one last question. I saw this mod that allows to clean your saved game files. Is that a save mod? Because i want to install the dance of death mod and it also says i need to clean my save games.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 18 jun 2013 om 12:21nm 
If you have very little experience in PC's, and modding.. I suggest you don't yet get involved too heavily in complicated processes such as mods that require such drastic things as installing programs that interfere with your data folders...
Stick to simple mods for now, untill you fully understand what you are doing, unless next week, you might find yourself posting another thread here saying 'help My computer won't work'....
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icemanx7 18 jun 2013 om 12:26nm 
That what is i am basiclly asking asking for. Just simple texture mods. I mainly just want some good texture mods and item mods. I currently just downloaded the Skyrim HD 2K Landscape lite version and flora overhaul. But i didnt install them yet. Are they complicated to install and are there better texture mods out there.
Not A Weak Pretzel 27 jun 2013 om 3:10nm 
well I got that mod as well but it didn't look like it changed much. And also after I started using it my game started shutting down every minute after starting it up so i wouldn't reccomend it but if it works for you and makes it look more HD, then go ahead and use it.

Also it isn't hard to install.
patrickbanta 27 jun 2013 om 3:38nm 
Iceman feel free to take a look at the list of mods im currently using, all of them are active and their is a big variety from graphic mods to armor and weapons.
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