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Hakke 2013年6月18日 6時57分
wanted : collection of simple dungeon mods
hello can aynone point out a collection with plain and simple dungeon mods here from the steam workshop ? not quest-mods but just good old caves and dungeons to explore. i´m having a tough time to browse the workshop and find the good ones. whenever i select dungeon mods in the filter options i get all kind of quest-mods. :D i just want good dungeons that dont need to add any significant story or elaborate stuff. thought maybe asking here in the forum could lead me to some cool dungeons that are lost in the depth of the workshop.
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fran25 2013年6月18日 8時16分 
Rabbit Hole is a good one. Many mods like South Dragon Bridge are not really dungeons but add to the game to me it is a dugenon.
Hakke 2013年6月18日 9時42分 
rabbit hole ! cool-sounds very good- just what i was looking for ! i subscribed , many thanks !
fran25 2013年6月18日 9時52分 
Look at the dungeon mods on Nexus and the Steam Workshop. Many are not really dungeons but ruins and things you will really enjoy. I enjoy South Dragon Bridge and the Almerai Dominion because I get to kill many Thailmore with no penality. And the Gentleman who made them has many other mods that are worth having. Most are on the Steam Workshop.

I just added a new one it was too large for the Steam Workshop because it was 27mg. It is called Helgen Reborn. You need to be out of Helgen the first time to play.

I have not played it yet but it adds from what I understand 6-8 hours of Gameplay.

Also a Nexus mod that will help you is to delay Dawnguard. Many minor quest givers will die with Vampire attacks this delays Dawnguard until you are ready to play it and it works well for me. Just uncheck the Mod and Dawnguard begins.

There is also a mod that protects the homes you build with guards in Hearthfire on Nexus. Something Bethasda should have thought of.
Astral 2013年6月18日 9時55分 
I created Unicorn Cave...don't know if you'll like it but anyway it can be found here:
Hakke 2013年6月18日 10時01分 
wow this looks amazing !! first i thought "unicorn? like the cuddly fluffy colorful ones - but your dungeon looks dark and awesome !! cant wait to see how the unicorn looks like :D thanks alot!
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I created Unicorn Cave...don't know if you'll like it but anyway it can be found here:

mstephens1 2013年7月13日 9時08分 
Anyone have trouble in level 1, stage 2 of Rabbit hole. The skeletons don't get hostile and killing them in their thrones does not activate the path to next stage.
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