The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Jormungand 2013年6月17日下午5:55
please help me mod troubles
ok so this is the first time i installed a mod via nexus and with nesux manager and i have no clue what im doing i installed hunterborn and it shows up in the load order but when i go to launch skyrim it doesnt regonize it as being installed even though it has the check mark next to it please help me
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Fronto 2013年6月17日下午6:03 
I looked at the hunterborn page at Nexus and in the download section you can see that there are a bunch of requirements, including SKSE ( the skyrim script extender). You will need to go find all the requirements on nexus (use the search) and install all of those too. It can be tricky to get started with this manual installation thing, but it's worth it. INstall SKSE first but watch the youtube video that you are pointed at as you will not use the NMM for the install.

First rule here. Get a vanilla copy of skyrim and back it up before you do any of this. I didn't do this first time round and regreted it.
Fronto 2013年6月17日下午6:09 
Ok, it's not so bad, you only need SKSE and MCM.

That's here:

and here:

SKSE first (WATCH THE VIDEO) then MCM and then hunterborn. It's not so bad. Note you'll need SKSE in the future so it's worth making the effort.
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Fronto 2013年6月17日下午6:12 
Another thing to note: MCM is a little part of SKYUI (changes the menus in game to make them PC and mouse friendly). So you have a choice: SKYUI or just MCM ( the Mod Configuration Menu part of SkyUI)

Hope all this helps.
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Jormungand 2013年6月17日下午7:57 
ok i have another problem skse wants to open with adobe reader what should it be opened with?>
pike 2013年6月17日下午8:22 
skse is packed in a zip file , you open it with winrar ,7zip , your choice , the .txt files open with notepad ,
read the readme highlighted in blue on this page
Jormungand 2013年6月17日下午8:24 
what is winrar and how do i get it ?
ARmodder 2013年6月17日下午8:34 
Go online to download it, winrar will allow you to extract manual downloads into your game folders and it is also a Archiver

When you open Winrar a window will pop up telling you to purchase it when this happens just hit the close option on the pop-up and proceed. Note: the Evaluation version is free to use and will do all the things the full version will although the pop-up will continue
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Jormungand 2013年6月17日下午8:40 
ok i have winrar and i think i got skse installed the right way
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Jormungand 2013年6月17日下午8:46 
ok next question do i click the testv or skse launcher to launch it because when i do skse launcher what it does is say it cant find testv when it is in same folder with it
Fronto 2013年6月18日上午1:42 
引用自 Anarchy30
ok next question do i click the testv or skse launcher to launch it because when i do skse launcher what it does is say it cant find testv when it is in same folder with it

That sounds strange. Well perhaps there's some need to run it as an administrator, but my guess is that you made some mistake when installing. I'd say watch the video again and try again. The first time this all takes a while, but I can install SKSE, and make the nice desktop shortcut to it in less than a minute now. Try again bro.' Once you work it out you'll face palm ;)

When it starts up don't forget the check that golpher tell you about near the end of his video.
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Jormungand 2013年6月18日上午5:55 
ok i finnally got it,skyui, and hunterborn installed right now i have 1 last question when i install realistic needs and diseases i should have a check needs power and drink from stream power right is so it doesnt appear there unless its conflicting with eat drink sleep bathe mod
Arcamean 2013年6月18日上午6:07 
IMO you're MUCH better off finding bottles off the bat if you can. One possible choice is to literally raid an Inn or buy any large wine bottles and get stone cold drunk. Sleep it off then use those bottles to gather water. Make sure to boil it at a cooking pot unless you're fond of eating hawk feathers lol.
Jormungand 2013年6月18日上午6:28 
i have 30 bottles of meed on and thats just the mead and i wont get disease dragon preist hood 100% resistant to posions and diseases lol at least until i take it off
Fronto 2013年6月18日上午7:25 
Don't know about the mead and being resistant to anything; I have something else to tell ya.

Glad to hear you got it working. This means you have SKSE (you'll be glad as it opens up loads of cool mods), and two mods on top of that.

When you start to get loads of other mods - I have over 50 I think - you will run into problems with the load order and you will start to crash or just not start up, and hate your life.

I would suggest you search for a thing called BOSS; BOSS is a little bit of software that checks your load order against its database of mods and changes that load order for you if it finds issues; it also offers personal advice on other things in a web page it loads up after it has completed its work. Find BOSS, read about it - or watch youtube; and install it; you will save yourself much wailing and pulling of hair if you do this thing.

Gopher has made a BOSS video; he's a great modder and good at explaining things too:
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Sarnai 2013年6月18日上午7:31 
i installed SKSE in one go. wasnt very hard for me. :P
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