The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

TrustyZero 2013年6月17日上午11:08
Bro's How to end the laggyness
Hey guys and gals. Im new to computer gaming and I just bought skyrim legend addition. I was playing the game and it's soooo laggy! Does anyone know how to fix this or recomend your type of settings to improve gameplay. Im using windows 7 Home Premium 62-bit if that helps thanks.
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Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:08 
sorry, i can't read. your only options are to get a better computer or run skyrim on low settings.
最后由 Hailey 编辑于; 2013年6月17日上午11:12
TrustyZero 2013年6月17日上午11:16 
-sigh- I was hoping to skip the (better computer part) since there so expensive and I don't have the moneyz for a new one. What is a good gaming computer in your opinion? And thanks for your input Ill try it on low settings.
fran25 2013年6月17日上午11:19 
I agree with Hailey it started to show up on the last patch just like the voices no syncing up anymore at times. You could try a two 1.5 video cards that would at least solve most of your problems.
Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:19 
what is your budget? do you know what your computer specs are? if you don't you can run this program to find out!
最后由 Hailey 编辑于; 2013年6月17日上午11:21
fran25 2013年6月17日上午11:20 
If you know anything about computers build your own. I love my Aurora R4 but paid a fortune for it.
TrustyZero 2013年6月17日上午11:27 
I just tryed it on low settings and same results. Im going to have to buy a new computer in the future-sigh-. thanks for the reply though people.
最后由 TrustyZero 编辑于; 2013年6月17日上午11:27
Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:29 
aw, that sucks. try turning shadows off.
最后由 Hailey 编辑于; 2013年6月17日上午11:30
Timeraider 2013年6月17日上午11:42 
shadows non lowest and try turning off the high resolution pack (at the datafiles option at launcher) ... if those both still dont make it run better.. sorry but no other option but either a massive overclock or simply upgrade the pc.laptop :(
TrustyZero 2013年6月17日上午11:47 
I got it! ^_^ it's not so laggy anymore. But i need a new mouse.... Thanks for the help people.
Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:48 
yay :)
Timeraider 2013年6月17日上午11:55 
引用自 TrustyZero
I got it! ^_^ it's not so laggy anymore. But i need a new mouse.... Thanks for the help people.

hehe, what you looking for? :D a cheap one or a professional one? XD cheap ones are easy to find, but if you have the money to spend something like a Feenix, cyborg or a razer naga hex (love that one XD) .... however.. i would probably recommend buying a cheap mediocre one and save money for pc upgrades :P you might need it eventually :D
TrustyZero 2013年6月17日上午11:57 
oh gosh I don't know any of those!! I suck when it comes to computer stuff....I'm just going to hit up walmart and find a mouse that looks acceptable.
Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:58 
bad idea lol :p
TrustyZero 2013年6月17日上午11:59 
Well, than I'll do some research online and actually know what im looking for... How does that sound?
Hailey 2013年6月17日下午12:02 
much better haha!! enjoy skyrim :)
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