BattleHQ 2013年6月17日上午10:04
My game wont work!
I got the legendary adition and it closes anfter the bethinima logo.
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shado1969 2013年6月17日上午10:13 
same hear
Rragar 2013年6月17日上午10:16 
Verify the game cache, you may have downloaded a corrupted file. If not, I don't know what might be causing the problem.
shado1969 2013年6月17日上午10:18 
ok thanks
BattleHQ 2013年6月17日上午10:23 
Nope but thanks for the help :(.
shado1969 2013年6月17日上午10:24 
same :(
Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:07 
darkshark6 2013年6月17日上午11:09 
Are you playing on a computer that can actually handle skyrim? Are you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ enought to install mods before first launch?
BattleHQ 2013年6月17日上午11:18 
Yep my computers top of the line and brand new!
Hailey 2013年6月17日上午11:24 
maybe you have a program running in the background that is conflicting with the skyrim executable which is causing you to crash. is your antivirus program running in the background? try disabling it if it is
BattleHQ 2013年6月17日上午11:31 
Nope thats not it either
DragonSamurai360 2013年6月17日上午11:35 
i used to get that problem when i had a bunch of race mods active and i mean by a bunch as in about 75 do you have any mods whatsoever if you do completely remove them then see what happens like haily said try disabling background programs also try disabling your internet tempererly then disable your security if you dont want to try that try disabling real time scanning if youre security has that option also see if youre on administrator account and make sure the game is not on a external hard drive i had a problem like that when i had it on my external if you do post that you do have it on external and i'll tell you what to do to help you from there
BattleHQ 2013年6月17日上午11:55 
Well i can run it now i did have 95 mods running and i shortend it to about 10 or so and i can play but you know *sigh* :(
darkshark6 2013年6月17日下午12:01 
引用自 BattleHQ
Yep my computers top of the line and brand new!
Hailey 2013年6月17日下午12:03 
what are your computer specs? "top of the line" doesn't help us much
BattleHQ 2013年6月17日下午12:06 
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