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Rumpled Foreskin 2013年6月16日 14時59分
Achievements are not being activated...
About a month after I bought Skryim, I used a console command just to mess around and have fun. I have seen that other people have also used console commands and can't get achievements either, but I also see that some still can get achievements after using these commands.

I want to re - activate my ability to get achievements, is there a way?
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markdb92 2013年6月16日 15時50分 
achivement system doesnt check if console was used or not. It is most likly you lost connect to the steam cloud which prevented to be updated.
Rumpled Foreskin 2013年6月16日 15時56分 
Oh thanks, that actually makes sense. How do I reconnect with the cloud?
Azrael 2013年6月16日 16時00分 
There seems to be an issue as sometimes the game doesn't register your achievements, no matter if you use console commands or not. I never use them, but still sometimes the achievements doesn't unlock for me, and I have to play an older save to unlock them. This only happened to me with this game. Also, see bugs (at the end of the page) here:

The first time I had this issue were for the first 2 achievements you can unlock at the start of the game: "Unbound" and "Blessed". Now I have the issue again, I reached Level 25 and the achievement "Expert" didn't unlock... :(
Rumpled Foreskin 2013年6月16日 16時03分 
"Achievements can occasionally be missed by Steam, even though they have been completed in-game.
To fix this, reload an earlier save and re-complete the achievement."

I don't have an earlier save... my saves file was corrupted so I started over..
Azrael 2013年6月16日 16時16分 
Just in case you should keep more than one manual save. I just came back after working again my way to Level 25 from a previous save, and the achievement just unlocked. That took like an hour, because I notice that issue when I was Level 25 and a half... :P
Rumpled Foreskin 2013年6月16日 16時29分 
Angel_Azrael の投稿を引用:
Just in case you should keep more than one manual save.

I don't have any other saves from before this; they were deleted):
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