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sam 2013年6月16日 10時56分
Legendary edition dlc just not there.
I'm level 11 and i downloaded the legendary edition. I played for a milliion hours before and played all the dlc except dragonborn. so i got the legendary edition and now that my character is lvl 11 i dont seem to have the dlc. nobody has attcked me in towns, nobody is talking of vampires, the guy at the windhelm docks simply isnt there. before on console when i played dawnguard id just go to fort dawnguard but the little cave east of riften also isnt there. should i try reinstalling or what?
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Mr Mysterious 2013年6月16日 11時04分 
Have you checked your data files before launching the game? Because I have just purchased the legendary edition and I have no DLC either.
sam 2013年6月16日 11時07分 
yeah it just lists the 2 mods i got. i was reading on here and someone said if u have the vanilla version installed and you install the legendary version it wont give u the dlc and he said to uninstall the game then reinstall the legendary edition so im trying that now.
Mr Mysterious 2013年6月16日 11時08分 
let me know how it goes.I installed from the disk and it didnt work.Fresh install as well
sam 2013年6月16日 12時10分 
no it didnt work:( i dont understand.
Velvet Mark 2013年6月16日 12時12分 
It all started for me after The horn of Jurgen quest in Riverwood. Hope it appears for you mate
sam 2013年6月16日 12時12分 
alright ty
sam 2013年6月16日 12時21分 
OMG all i had to do was activate it on steam. i just downloaded and installed it but didnt enter the steam code. smh
Mr Mysterious 2013年6月16日 14時17分 
What do you mean activate? How? I recieaved no code. Anyways I'm glad you got it Working :).
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月16日 14時53分 
If you buy the game at a retail store, your game will come with a code that you need to activate on STEAM [Click the "Games--->Activate Product" tab].

So the above poster did not properly install/activate the Legendary Edition until they redeemed the code on STEAM.

See here for more info:

However, if your bought it digitally through STEAM, then the activation is automatic. All you have to do is verify your SKyrim has the DLC [Skyrim properties and check the Downloadable Content tab].
最近の変更はDr. Shocks . DOが行いました; 2013年6月16日 14時54分
Mr Mysterious 2013年6月16日 23時55分 
Thanks mate, found the code in the booklet.they should of at least highlighted that.Now if you will excuse me I have unfinished business in Markarth.
Marcus Aurelious 2013年6月27日 16時36分 
wow they are pricks for not saying to activate it manually , i been braking my head , why wasn't working.
Marcus Aurelious 2013年6月27日 16時38分 
finally downloading the dlc, taking for ever
Mystyr Nile 2014年7月22日 17時18分 
I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure this out! For those who are stuck where i just was(bought the legendary edition as a disk), just look at any sheets that you ended up with from the game's case, one of theme should have a steam code.
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