Bleakwail 2013年6月16日 7時11分
Lakeview Manor Cellar Wall Sconce BUG and exterior
The cellar workbench gives the option to add one single sconce and four "pairs" of wall sconces. One of the pairs, specifically the pair flanking the doorway leading into the deeper half of the cellar (where the forge and smelter are) only spawned a single sconce (the left). The sconce on the right side of the doorway (next to the corner with the display case table, deer head, and shrine of Kynareth) wasn't added, so that corner remains darker than intended.

Also, the exterior round table and chairs for the roof of the bedrooms does NOT appear.

Is there anyway to fix this? Can these missing things be added through console commands? here is a picture of the missing sconce
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Bleakwail 2013年6月16日 7時57分 
Major Moolah 2013年6月16日 8時06分 
Have you tried the unofficial Hearthfire patch? I¨'m not sure if this specific bug is fixed with it but it's the logical place to start.
Bleakwail 2013年6月16日 9時44分 
The unofficial patch doesn't fix this.
Bleakwail 2013年6月16日 14時26分 
Arcamean 2013年6月16日 15時23分 
WoW that's a tiny screenshot, did you know you can push F12 in game and it will take one for you that's easily postable?
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