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Sado Yasutora 2013年6月16日 4時32分
Want Legendary Edition for the summer sales.
So badly.
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fran25 2013年6月16日 5時21分 
I doubt it since it just came out in June 4. It might have a few dollars marked off this fall.

If you have the game just add the DLC's you do not have then you will have the legendary edition. Steam has them on sale often and why pay 60 dollars when you can pay 40 and have the same thing.
Mr. J.D. Gumby 2013年6月16日 5時25分 
Sado doesn't have the game, franz. (note the lack of a mouse pointer icon by their name)

It will, however, almost certainly go on sale during the summer sale - but don't expect more than -33% ($40) for the regular sale price and -50% ($30) for the flash/daily sale price. (or, more likely, only -25% & -33%)
Sado Yasutora 2013年6月16日 11時40分 
I hope for the -50% and I can't wait for that :)
Sado Yasutora 2013年6月16日 11時40分 
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