bmaw69 2013年6月15日 22時39分
Amulet of Mud Crab and Troll?
I have both amulets and they are pretty cool. The only problem is both don't lose health. Their health bars never drop, and this can cause one sided battles in my favor. I like to win my battles as I'm only at level nine, but they aren't challanging.

Does anyone have these amulets? Can I change the settings to where they lose health when attacked? If not, then I might sell them, but they aren't worth coin.

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Jogon 2013年6月15日 23時40分 
How did you acquire them?
bmaw69 2013年6月16日 6時37分 
I just picked them up thru looting. Maybe it's one of my mods. I have about 60 mods running now.
Hakke 2013年6月16日 7時09分 
never heard of this amulets. probably a unbalanced mod ?
Gorsondor 2013年6月16日 7時30分 
Amulet of Mud Crab and Amulet of Troll???????

Those cant possibley be real, you may have a mod that is making your game spawn these things.
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