The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午1:44
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition PROBLEMS!!!!! *FIXED*
I bought Skyrim (the original version with 0/3 DLC's) 3 days before the realease of the Legendary Edition Because i didnt know there was a legendary edition of the game coming so soon. today i purchased the Legendary Edition, deleted my normal Skyrim and Installed the Legendaryr Edition. This is where the problems begin. 1st. The game is still called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, just like it never even installed the Legendary Edition and just re-installed the original game. 2nd. when i right-click the game in my steam library and click view downloadable content it says that i have 0/3 DLC'S... WTF?? 3th. when i start the game and on the first little menu you get i press data files and there are literaly 0 files... i want to play the Legendary Edition SO BAD. so can anyone please help me with these problems?? thanks!
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skyrim boss 589 2013年6月15日下午1:59 
i would just say reinstall normal skyrim and buy the dlcs it might be more expensive but u get all your stuff on normal skyrim back
Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午2:01 
i still have my normal skyrim save, and its working perfectly what i also noticed is that i can play on Legendary difficulty, so my legendary diffiulty is like... sort of working?? (btw i still dont have my DLC's >:()
Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午2:02 
*legendary edition (lol typo)
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日下午2:19 
DId you buy it from STEAM or from retail?
If retail, you need to activate the code.

Also, try verify game cache under Skyrim properties
Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午2:21 
i bought it from retail and thanks to you i found the code at the back of the book (silly me) but how do i activate it?
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日下午2:25 
Games ----> Activate a product on STEAM
Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午2:36 
lol it says that the dragonborn dlc has not yet been officially released yet??
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日下午2:39 
Try restarting STEAM, that usually fixes a lot of new install issues.

If not, then try "verify game cache".
Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午2:41 
ok ill try that
Indieblade 2013年6月15日下午2:45 
OMFG YES every single problem now is fixed!!!! thanks so much!!!
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日下午2:48 
Glad it's fixed!

Now go stop Mirak from destroying Solstheim! Hurry!
Captain Exsanity 2013年6月25日上午10:47 
THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! I've had the same problem thank you so much again !!!!!! =)
Allan 2013年10月11日上午3:59 
what do i do to verify game cache? how can i do that?
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