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Indieblade 2013年6月15日 13時44分
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition PROBLEMS!!!!! *FIXED*
I bought Skyrim (the original version with 0/3 DLC's) 3 days before the realease of the Legendary Edition Because i didnt know there was a legendary edition of the game coming so soon. today i purchased the Legendary Edition, deleted my normal Skyrim and Installed the Legendaryr Edition. This is where the problems begin. 1st. The game is still called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, just like it never even installed the Legendary Edition and just re-installed the original game. 2nd. when i right-click the game in my steam library and click view downloadable content it says that i have 0/3 DLC'S... WTF?? 3th. when i start the game and on the first little menu you get i press data files and there are literaly 0 files... i want to play the Legendary Edition SO BAD. so can anyone please help me with these problems?? thanks!
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skyrim boss 589 2013年6月15日 13時59分 
i would just say reinstall normal skyrim and buy the dlcs it might be more expensive but u get all your stuff on normal skyrim back
Indieblade 2013年6月15日 14時01分 
i still have my normal skyrim save, and its working perfectly what i also noticed is that i can play on Legendary difficulty, so my legendary diffiulty is like... sort of working?? (btw i still dont have my DLC's >:()
Indieblade 2013年6月15日 14時02分 
*legendary edition (lol typo)
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日 14時19分 
DId you buy it from STEAM or from retail?
If retail, you need to activate the code.

Also, try verify game cache under Skyrim properties
Indieblade 2013年6月15日 14時21分 
i bought it from retail and thanks to you i found the code at the back of the book (silly me) but how do i activate it?
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日 14時25分 
Games ----> Activate a product on STEAM
Indieblade 2013年6月15日 14時36分 
lol it says that the dragonborn dlc has not yet been officially released yet??
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日 14時39分 
Try restarting STEAM, that usually fixes a lot of new install issues.

If not, then try "verify game cache".
Indieblade 2013年6月15日 14時41分 
ok ill try that
Indieblade 2013年6月15日 14時45分 
OMFG YES every single problem now is fixed!!!! thanks so much!!!
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月15日 14時48分 
Glad it's fixed!

Now go stop Mirak from destroying Solstheim! Hurry!
Mr.Exsanity 2013年6月25日 10時47分 
THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! I've had the same problem thank you so much again !!!!!! =)
Allan 2013年10月11日 3時59分 
what do i do to verify game cache? how can i do that?
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