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I need a new Grafics 2013年6月15日 9時20分
I need help with SKSE
Ok so i'm pretty sure I downloaded SKSE properly. For some reason it still won't work though. May somebody help me?
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Hailey 2013年6月15日 9時29分 
Run the game using the "skse_loader.exe".
I need a new Grafics 2013年6月15日 9時43分 
I do run it with skse_loader.exe
Hailey 2013年6月15日 9時46分 
Did you install the script folder that comes with SKSE to the Skyrim data folder?
I need a new Grafics 2013年6月15日 9時50分 
I believe so.
Hailey 2013年6月15日 9時50分 
Watch Gophers video ^
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I need a new Grafics 2013年6月15日 9時50分 
Hailey 2013年6月15日 9時52分 
Good luck
jamesickes 2013年6月15日 12時36分 
if by chance you are running it on windows 8, you cannot use a windows 8 app to unzip the file, i used 7-zip and it worked fine
I need a new Grafics 2013年6月15日 13時18分 
Ok so I did what the video said and it still won't work ):
Frankie-Z- 2013年6月15日 13時41分 
the latiest version is a zip you just extract it to the skyrim game folder

you can edit the TESV file to make steam launch skse from the loader but that's a little harder..
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I need a new Grafics 2013年6月15日 13時42分 
Thanks Frankie!
Frankie-Z- 2013年6月15日 13時45分 

This shows how you can use the default steam launch button instead of the SKSE loader shortcut..
this is not needed but I like using the deafult steam launch button.

Extrat the zip to your skyrim folder or manualy instal SKSE..
in the vid he does a manual instal of SKSE .
you can just extract the zip file to your skyrim folder Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim
instead of all the copying and pasting

YouTube How to run SKSE using the default Skyrim Steam launcher
1)Download SKSE
2)Put the DLLs and EXE files in the Skyrim folder
3)Put the PEX files from Data\Scripts in Skyrim\Data\Scripts
REMEMBER: If you don't have a Scripts folder, create one.
Make a backup before renaming the TESV exe ..
4)In the Skyrim folder rename "TESV" to "Skyrim"
5)Rename "skse_loader" to "TESV"
6)In the data folder make a new folder called "SKSE"
7)Copy the text in the description into notepad
8)Save it in Data\SKSE as "skse.ini" as type "All Files"
9)You can now use Steam or your normal desktop icon to run SKSE
HowdyDoody 2013年8月10日 13時26分 
Is there some way one could use the "Set Launch Options" button on Steam General Properties?
Okay, maybe that isn't clear. If you chose your installation of Skyrim on the Steam Library page and then right click you get a bunch of choices, the last of which is "Properties". If you chose that, you then go to a page with the " General" tab open. There are two buttons on the tab,
"Set Launch Options" and "Create Desktop Shortcut".
What does the "Set Launch Options" do? Could one enter something like
"%Steam%/steamapps/common/Skyrim/skse_launcher.exe" and get the regular steam launcher to launch skse?

I'd try this, but an scared that I might completely destroy Skyrim and Steam installations.
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AmishMilitant 2013年8月10日 18時43分 
I just launch SKSE thru my NMM. IS that an option for you? DO you use NMM?
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