gozergirl 2013年6月14日下午6:43
Skyrim Jerky?
My game is suddenly very jerky and laggy, what gives? Can I fix it?
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WhoIsGeez 2013年6月14日下午6:45 
HiAlgo[skyrim.nexusmods.com] is a mod that will help boost your framerate. You can also lower your resolution or texture size. I find that Grass is the biggest culprit when it comes to framerate. You can just remove all the grass, and it will help too.
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gozergirl 2013年6月14日下午6:46 
how do I lower resolution?
I used to know, but took a long break and forgot everything!
WhoIsGeez 2013年6月14日下午6:49 
Go to Options in the Skyrim Launcher. Alternatively, you can also go into your .ini file and change it manually (more difficult).

But the best thing to do is use the mod above. You can change your resolution on the fly with it.
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gozergirl 2013年6月14日下午6:49 
King Tut 2013年6月14日下午8:21 
I get the same jerky, skipping motion. It happened after 1.9 update. It's really annoying and I have tried EVERYTHING to fix it and NOTHING works! Not sure what the update did to the game, but it drive me crazy now!
King Tut 2013年6月14日下午8:22 
FPS drops for a second here and there, about every 15-20 seconds, which causes a skip or lag or stutter or whatever you want to call it...
gozergirl 2013年6月14日下午8:58 
Mine happened after the update too, but lower resolution fixed it.
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