butcher 14. kesä, 2013 9.17
Please help me with the Legendary Edition !!!
I bought Skyrim on disc, played it a long time and today I bought the Legendary Edition also on disc.
And now i can´t play with the new stuff because there is no option to install or download the DLC´s. And no activations code were needed?! So how can this be??? And what can I do?
Help would be a pleasure ;)
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Dr. Shocks . DO 14. kesä, 2013 9.24 
SInce you bought the game retail, activate the STEAM code from: Games --> Activate a Product on STEAM.

This will most likely "upgrade" your existing Skyrim to have all the DLCs. To verify, click on Skyrim properties and view the Downloadable Content tab.

There most likely will not be an option to download/install considering it is only DLC; it should install automatically.
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butcher 14. kesä, 2013 9.29 
OMG thanks so much :D I searched for amlost 3 hours and then there was so a simply way to do it ^^
Dude you made my day !!!
Guba666 14. kesä, 2013 9.38 
Butcher, please describe clearly step by step how did you do it, for the records.
I think there will be a lot of Shields-Brothers in your same conditions.
Lussuria 14. kesä, 2013 9.54 
'Games --> Activate a Product on STEAM' posted by U_Shocks -Qosmio- pretty much is exactly step by step.
I've had to do this in the past to activate physical edition copies overtop of my Steam copies.
butcher 14. kesä, 2013 9.58 
yes U_Shocks -Qosmio made a good description :D
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