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CRu[C]iaL *1738 2013年6月14日 7時38分
Skyrim follower problem
I have a problem with the mod followers, i first downloaded a follower and told him to follow me then i forgot to tell him to go away. I deleted that in the data and donwloaded another follwer but everytime i tell him to follow me, he keeps saying that i already have a follower whenever i dont because i deleted it, can someone help with this problem quick???
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CaiteCat5 2013年6月14日 7時46分 
Redownload the mod for your last follower, find him and dismiss him. Hope it works. :)
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CRu[C]iaL *1738 2013年6月14日 7時47分 
i done that and it didnt work
Fox Raving Mad 2013年6月14日 8時02分 
Maybe you should uncheck the .esp for the follower before you delete.
CRu[C]iaL *1738 2013年6月14日 8時06分 
whats the .esp?
Fox Raving Mad 2013年6月14日 8時07分 
When you click on Skyrim the mods start to load up after they load click "Data Files" and look for the .esp file for your follower. (Make sure you dissmissed them 1st) then uncheck the .esp file and delete afterwards. I had issues like this a ways back.
CRu[C]iaL *1738 2013年6月14日 8時08分 
i deleted them and downloaded another follower mod and he kept saying that i had a follower
Fox Raving Mad 2013年6月14日 8時12分 
The esp in the "Data Files" menu? Becasue if you dont reinstal then uncheck it there (Not the Program Files) its going to keep thining you have a file that dosen't exist and will continue to search for it.
CRu[C]iaL *1738 2013年6月14日 8時13分 
i deleted it
Fox Raving Mad 2013年6月14日 8時18分 
Err... and?
farndell72 2013年6月14日 8時22分 
I have the same problem i have done everything you said but it still doesn't work
frogprincess_q4 2013年6月14日 8時23分 
in console commands:

set playerfollowercount to 0
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farndell72 2013年6月14日 8時24分 
i'll try that now
farndell72 2013年6月14日 8時26分 
that worked thank you
frogprincess_q4 2013年6月14日 8時27分 
You're welcome :D
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