[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日上午5:40
HELP skyrim lag "please help!!!!!"
when i started playing skyrim it laged HARD, it took 1 hour to get to helgen then the horse went on a house and i had to restart 15 times! And the setting were on low! here is my computer info I know about: RAM:4 GB. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ouroboros > Orochi 2013年6月14日上午5:46 
haha "skirim" xD lol jk aside maybe you have a save bloat, go to your skyrim saves folder and see what is the size of that file, it may have something to do with that
[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日上午6:15 
that did only some bit of help but VERY little
[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日上午6:17 
and when you thought skyrim was "skirim" O RLY?
Ouroboros > Orochi 2013年6月14日上午6:52 
maybe it has something to do with mods you install? gimme the list of mod you use
Tox Laximus 2013年6月14日上午7:45 
TIP: Delete all non autosaves and click 'NEW SAVE'

Sometimes this can reset stuff.
最后由 Tox Laximus 编辑于; 2013年6月14日上午7:45
[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日上午8:40 
i dont have any mods
Ouroboros > Orochi 2013年6月14日上午9:07 
maybe you pc is not compatible with skyrim spec even with the lowest setting
Cave 2013年6月14日上午9:17 
This happened to me once in the middle of playing, all i did was restart and it fixed mine, so Im not sure whats wrong with yours :P
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月14日上午9:20 
引用自 Houeclipse621
maybe you pc is not compatible with skyrim spec even with the lowest setting
I'm thinking this.

What are your computer specs?
Doctor Deuce 2013年6月14日上午9:46 
What do you mean it lagged? Do you have a low framerate, or is it just glitching out?
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