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[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日 5時40分
HELP skyrim lag "please help!!!!!"
when i started playing skyrim it laged HARD, it took 1 hour to get to helgen then the horse went on a house and i had to restart 15 times! And the setting were on low! here is my computer info I know about: RAM:4 GB. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fade to Black 2013年6月14日 5時46分 
haha "skirim" xD lol jk aside maybe you have a save bloat, go to your skyrim saves folder and see what is the size of that file, it may have something to do with that
[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日 6時15分 
that did only some bit of help but VERY little
[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日 6時17分 
and when you thought skyrim was "skirim" O RLY?
Fade to Black 2013年6月14日 6時52分 
maybe it has something to do with mods you install? gimme the list of mod you use
Tox Laximus 2013年6月14日 7時45分 
TIP: Delete all non autosaves and click 'NEW SAVE'

Sometimes this can reset stuff.
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[NFO]shadow-shade 2013年6月14日 8時40分 
i dont have any mods
Fade to Black 2013年6月14日 9時07分 
maybe you pc is not compatible with skyrim spec even with the lowest setting
DrReichsfuhrer 2013年6月14日 9時17分 
This happened to me once in the middle of playing, all i did was restart and it fixed mine, so Im not sure whats wrong with yours :P
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月14日 9時20分 
Houeclipse621 の投稿を引用:
maybe you pc is not compatible with skyrim spec even with the lowest setting
I'm thinking this.

What are your computer specs?
NEG 2013年6月14日 9時46分 
What do you mean it lagged? Do you have a low framerate, or is it just glitching out?
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