Nire Eliza Lunar 2013年6月13日下午11:20
why just why
i got ♥♥♥♥♥ by aldurin if i spelled that right 26 time why dragon why
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Jogon 2013年6月13日下午11:28 
Nasty one Alduin. I waited a few more levels and went back with a few enchanted weapons and poison potions and defeated him. Then you have to face him again. But that's Skyrim for you.
Nire Eliza Lunar 2013年6月13日下午11:31 
no i deafeated him he justs rapes me alot i just shout to keep him on the ground and burn him with fire and heal myself at the same time
pike 2013年6月13日下午11:31 
if you got arniel's shade and the eye of magnus ,you got a better chance , fire and frost dont really bother him
Nire Eliza Lunar 2013年6月13日下午11:34 
i did have the eye of mangus and he still ♥♥♥♥♥ me and fire does affect him if you use soul trap first and yes you litteraly pull and try to absorb a dragon soul with soul trap on dragons
Nire Eliza Lunar 2013年6月13日下午11:36 
im gonna play skyrim now for i dont know its summer and friend me if you like
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