*Vegetta* 2013. jún. 13. @ du. 5:08
I Just bought Legendary .. And when i'm starting the game, the horse just bug into de ground.. and can't move... wtf ?!
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Wanked 2013. jún. 13. @ du. 5:26 
Horses have always had issues. Mainly when you buy a horse and dismount. It will walk back to the stables it came from. It will show up when you fast travel, but emediately start to walk off.

From everything i have been reading here it seems that Dawngurad has an incompatability issue on a few points. Things falling thru the ground for 1.

Can you mount your stuck horse? If so try to Jump [spacebar] a few times and see if that frees it. Another thing you could try if you can mount it is to fast travel mounted.
*Vegetta* 2013. jún. 13. @ du. 5:29 
I just use "new game" and can't even get to the castle here the guards cut their heads -.-
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013. jún. 13. @ du. 10:33 
It may go away after a while. That does happen...You say you have just bought the game, and from what else you say, I assume you haven't played the game before, so furthermore am I right in assuming you haven't installed any mods to account for this buggy effect...

I wouldn't worry about it too much..In fact, I don't bother with Horses, I loved my Horses in Red Dead Redemption,

but Bethesda... I think the Skyrim Horse dynamics are crap...
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