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AirtightSprings3 2013年6月13日 16時26分
Airo-Sei: Custom Skyrim Follower Pre-Release Info
Hello Steam, I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up about a mod I am creating. This is a follower named Airo-Sei. He is an argonian, who can play the lute, dual wield and summon a bear upon entering combat. Right now I am facing some difficulties with the in game dialogue system (which I had working fine earlier.) He should be out in his earliest stages soon, with more features such as healing the player to come later!
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{NOC}JURY 2013年6月13日 16時30分 

On an unrelated note, since your probably familiar with the creation kit, I don’t suppose you remember what the on death disintegration FX spell was do you?

I've been looking for it for about 20 minutes here... i dunno maybe im blind or somthing
AirtightSprings3 2013年6月13日 16時43分 
Sorry, I am not sure what it is. I just opened up CK and looked for a spell called on death disintegration FX and there was none. But I am guessing you meant a spell which causes the effect, I also searched for the effect and could find none. I think what would most likely cause this is a script but I am fairly new to spells and how they work only haveing made a few myself. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
voltcheck 2013年6月13日 17時08分 
good luck with your mod. hope it turns out well. :D
AirtightSprings3 2013年6月13日 18時12分 
Thank you.
Cyrax 2013年6月14日 0時29分 
Good luck, always nice to have more Argonians.
AirtightSprings3 2013年6月14日 20時05分 
Todays Progress: I changed the bear which Airo can summon into a small Argonian who uses a fire bot staff to assist in battle. There will be a quest to enable the bear to replace the Argonian fighter which Airo-Sei can summon.
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