BEVINS! 2013年6月13日 15時07分
Crashing when casting spells
So i seem to crash whenever I cast a spell. Something of an issue for a magic based character.

I don't think its a mod because I haven't installed any new ones since it worked last.
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BEVINS! 2013年6月13日 15時10分 
ok, it seems to be the specific spell "bound sword"
voltcheck 2013年6月13日 15時29分 
ignore the spell. try getting the unoficial skyrim patch as if i remember correctly, spell bound weapons tended to cause errors with the vanilla game. this is why conjuration is one of the lesser used classes of the standard vanilla game.
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BEVINS! 2013年6月13日 15時31分 
Ah well, i made the characeter as a sort of necromancer thingy and sorta rely alot on bound swords. thats for the advice.
voltcheck 2013年6月13日 15時33分 
necromancy is sort of usless. i would like an army of undead to follow me when i pillage things but unfortunantly, the max you can have is two. D:
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BEVINS! 2013年6月13日 15時34分 
thats what the mods are for.
voltcheck 2013年6月13日 15時35分 
The Duke Of Citrus-Grasp の投稿を引用:
thats what the mods are for.
i have SkyRe so i have all my perk trees overhauled.
BEVINS! 2013年6月13日 15時36分 
I'm not familiar with that particular mod.
voltcheck 2013年6月13日 15時44分 
its one of the most popular immersion mods on the nexus. i would post the link but it would take a while.

BEVINS! 2013年6月13日 15時51分 
I'm sure i'll be able to find it.
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