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gggg336 2013年6月11日 6時26分
How much is Skyrim worth to you? (In terms of dollars/hour played)
This thread would probably be forgotten in a few hours time, but whatever.

I have calculated (in terms of maths, not true heart value, that is way more) how much Skyrim is worth to me by dividing the amount of dollars it has cost me to buy this game and its dlc by the total amount of hours I have played this game. My calculation shows that, by value per dollar, it is worth about SGD $0.07713865271419228254 or about USD $0.06120209287115761936 to me. What's yours?
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Bob 2013年6月11日 6時47分 
I'm not going to break it down into dollars per hour. So all I'll say is, that it's worth every dollar I spent. No crashes or lags, and I enjoy everyone of my 450+ hours of playing time. For me, there is no better RPG than this since the Ultima, and Might & Magic series. Mostly because, it has no real ending, and you can do just about anything you want in it.
Hailey 2013年6月11日 6時49分 
It's worth as much as you think it's worth. I personally think it's worth every cent.
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Stealth 2013年6月11日 7時01分 
man i would pay thousands of dollars for this game
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gggg336 2013年6月11日 7時02分 
(Dads Army) Private Pike の投稿を引用:
its worth nothing I paid £25 english pounds and I have high spec puter and the ♥♥♥♥♥ crashes crashes crashes SAVE YOUR MONEY its nothing but a piece of useless ♥♥♥♥.
Right, and why should I care again? If it doesn't work for you, you should have just asked.
Bob 2013年6月11日 7時39分 
(Dads Army) Private Pike の投稿を引用:
why would I need help? before I buy any game I check the specs, my system will run any game thrown at me and I dont need idiots like you or that ggg to try and insult my my reply is the same as I published to him also ...go and f*** yaself.
Your replies are insulting enough on your intelligence, or lack there of. Many people have problems with this game, but aren't as insecure as you to ask for help. I can also see by your profile that you're still playing it. So I guess it's not that bad, now is it?

No matter, you're gone now.
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年6月11日 7時51分 
Personally, I consider money as part of the economical world I try to the game's features are worth a great deal more than money can ever give...the creativeness that you get from this comes from that initial purchase, and the creation kit, the skills you learn from modding, and the enjoyment you get from playing and modding, is really valuable, more than money can buy....I'm not mathematically orientated, like other gamers
(which is nice to be math orientated) but I do like doing things by numbers sometimes, like trading, weights-values etc...

Smithing is a really good component of the trading Role.....
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Bob 2013年6月11日 8時05分 
I've heard some people play the game as a Smithy or Alchemist, and make a good living selling/trading their goods.
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pike 2013年6月11日 8時52分 
i've enjoyed the game immensely , well worth the cost , money well spent
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年6月11日 9時04分 
I would probably pay $200 for Skyrim
The Reaminator 2013年6月11日 13時17分 
UW_Shocks -Qosmio- の投稿を引用:
I would probably pay $200 for Skyrim

The collectors edition is like anywhere from 200-400$ depending on new or used
Bob 2013年6月11日 13時22分 
sizzam960ANAL の投稿を引用:
UW_Shocks -Qosmio- の投稿を引用:
I would probably pay $200 for Skyrim

The collectors edition is like anywhere from 200-400$ depending on new or used
You can't be serious. Show me ONE!
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