Cat Daddy 8. kesä, 2013 17.10
NPC control - a way to control followers?
Is there a mod at all that lets me take control of any of my followers for a brief amount of time? Like a magicka spell i can cast on a follower and i can control there actions for 60 seconds or something?
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Bob 8. kesä, 2013 17.28 
If you're talking about actually moving them here or there... not that I know of, but you can create certain things they can react to, and follow your orders. Give me a moment, and I'll put up the MOD...

Here it is. It's very detailed, but I find it works great. It comes with an in-game book to learn how to use it.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Bob; 8. kesä, 2013 17.32
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