Gorsondor 2013년 6월 8일 오전 11시 36분
Power Attacks, Weapon Weight, Stamina
Does the weight of your weapons mean that it costs this amount of stamina or extra to perform power attacks with it?
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Sir Walrus 2013년 6월 11일 오전 2시 29분 
No i believe it is the same for all weapons. It might be a difference in one handed and two handed though.
koen.darding 2013년 6월 11일 오전 2시 35분 
the weight does in fact increasse the stamina drain from power attacks
Mr. J.D. Gumby 2013년 6월 11일 오전 4시 45분 
The weapon weight is quite important, though the difference gets less significant as weight gets higher:

power attack stamina cost = (40 + weapon weight * 2) * attack cost multiplier * (1 - perk effect)

"attack cost multiplier" is x0.5 for Dual Attacks (sounds good, but the Dual is 3 attacks) or x1 for everything else.

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Gorsondor 2013년 6월 16일 오전 7시 36분 
I know what the wiki says, I was simply looking for the opinion of others or someone to help me clearifiy it.
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