watson1031 2013년 6월 7일 오후 9시 40분
skyrim shutting down after the game starts
i just bought dawngaurd after i bought dragonborn and hearthfire and now y game is shutting itself down when i try to begin a new file now mods are installed and the dlc is even off and it still shuts down and my dawngaurd didnt even download after i bought it. when i verify game integrity it says one file missing and will be reaquired it downloads a file but it stil wont run i need help
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tenin_98_2000 2013년 6월 7일 오후 11시 35분 
make sure all dlc and skyrim are first on load order. turn off all mods. dlc should be dawnguard hearthfire then dragonborn. if it didnt download then contact steam or whereever it comes from. As for mods sometimes can conflict as well so you might need to see if one of your mods doesnt work.
voltcheck 2013년 6월 7일 오후 11시 38분 
yeah, sometime certian mods wont work with DLC unless you get a diffrent version of that mod or you unistall the mod then re-install the mod that will work with the DLC. some mods arent compatible with DLC entirely.
watson1031 2013년 6월 8일 오전 12시 28분 
i turned off all mods and all dlc and it still did it
voltcheck 2013년 6월 8일 오전 12시 29분 
i recomedn uninstalling and re-installing then.
SynicHEX 2013년 6월 8일 오전 12시 38분 
Having the same problem. Something happened today. Not sure what.
Roscaria 2013년 6월 8일 오전 1시 01분 
You need to check that your Data files are in the correct order. Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn in that order. Then you need to check the author's notes on the mods you are using as some will not work with certain DLC's. Then you need to Verify your game cache.
SynicHEX 2013년 6월 8일 오전 1시 04분 
yeah thats not the issue.worked fine 2 days ago and the load order didn't change.
watson1031 2013년 6월 8일 오후 6시 04분 
volt check ive done that twice it still has the same error
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