Vesaevus 2013年6月5日下午4:02
Freezes on startup
I recently bought and installed Skyrim on Steam. I subscribed to some mods at first, but when I tried to start Skyrim it froze. Time and time again, it'd freeze before the Skyrim window could even open.
I unsubscribed from the mods because that seems to be a popular cause of problems.
It still didn't work. Both Steam and the Skyrim window would freeze before the window even fully opened.
Any advice? Much appreciated.
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Vesaevus 2013年6月5日下午5:00 
DLCs only include the free texture pack or what not.
Roscaria 2013年6月5日下午7:23 
Skyrim Library>Right click on Skyrim>Properties>Local Files>Verify integrity of game cache.
Vesaevus 2013年6月6日上午9:55 
All right, I reinstalled it so I'll try that again. Thanks for responding.
Amycus 2013年6月6日上午10:09 
I just posted this in another thread, but I'm just going to copy paste it here in case you didn't already know:
"Just unsubscribing items from the workshop doesn't actually do anything, aside from just stopping them from updating. You need to delete them too from the "data files" section when you first launch skyrim (extremely annoying, which is the reason I call BS when people say that the workshop is supposedly easier to manage than nexus)."
Seems to be a lot of people who have missed this on these forums lately.

Also, in the future you should only install one mod at a time - if you install 50+ at the same time, you will have no idea what is causing the issue, and have to delete them one at a time until it works again. Read the description too, since some mods might require other mods to be installed first, in order to work.
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Vesaevus 2013年6月28日上午11:05 
Thank you! More help than anyone has given me. I hope it works.
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