Ukaito 2013年6月2日下午11:16
What is the highest level you can reach right now legit?
My little brother thinks that the highest level is 81. I said you can level up more due to some kind of update. Who is right?
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Nameless 2013年6月2日下午11:30 
Ukaito 2013年6月2日下午11:43 
Another thing. How can you get the Book of Waking Dreams with no DLC?
Trigger 2013年6月3日上午1:12 
you can't
Lonnie Olafson 2013年6月3日上午11:27 
Untill patch 1.9 there was a soft level cap at level 81,now you can level well beyond that with the legendry difficulty update.That means once you get a perk tree to 100 you roll it back to 15,starting that perk tree over again and getting to put the perks you got from the rollover into other perk trees and now you get to relevel the rolled over perk tree back to 100,and do it over and over.So that makes it possible to level past the soft cap level 81 to infinity or boredom.
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