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"cannot extract ckm files error"
I recently had a subscriber on steam report a .ckm error when trying to download my mod. Since there is virtually no hard information from Bethesda or Steam on what exaclty a .ckm file is or does, I am going to post what logic dictates based on what we do know, and the answer I gave my sub when trying to support him with this issue.

Here is his question:

Not sure whats going on, but each time Steam tries to extract this mod
I get a "cannot extract ckm files error" The mod worked fine before just not sure as to why I'm getting the error now.

Here is my answer:

Sounds like the .ckm for my mod might be corrupted. There are two possible fixes I came up with for you regarding this issue. Keep in mind this is my educated guess based on the limited information on what .ckm files actually are, and what they do as there is no elderscrolls, bethesda, steam or creation kit wiki I could find that explains them.

1.) unsub my mod, let it uninstall by going to my mod on the workshop, click "unsub" button, open skyrim to the small load screen, let my mod uninstall before you click "play". Then re-install my mod and see if you got a good .ckm downloaded this time.

Or if that doesnt work:

ckm files are downloaded to your directory locally here: Steam/userdata/#######/ugc/yourdownloadedmod.ckm

2.) You'll need to go and move/backup the existing cleaner_volkihar.ckm and see if steam will give you a new uncorrupted one the next time you sync with the workshop . Maybe you'll have to manually delete all files named castle_volkihar3 and start from scratch.

Here is what I know about the .ckm file and explicit instructions on how to fix your problem:

From what I read and logic dictates the .ckm file is only related to steam, creation kit and the workshiop. Maybe to sync creation kit with steam and the downloading mod user. You can see a whole thread on what it is here:

.ckm files ARE downloaded every time you subscribe to a mod on steam. They are found locally in the Steam/userdata/#######/ugc/yourdownloadedmod.ckm Which is why I think this might fix your issue.

To find the .ckm I browsed to my steam > userdata folder and did a search for *.ckm

The reason I did it this way was because there was 10 folders with a bunch of random numbers, then another folder "ugc", and I didnt want to look through every single one. But the file you are looking for is in steam > userdata >xxx >ugc > cleaner_castlevolkihar3.ckm move it/ back it up somewhere and see if you can get a new one when re-subscribing to this mod on steam. Hopefully you'll get a new one that now works.

When doing a search in windows explore, putting an astrik *. and a period before a search string name lets you find ALL files with that wild card. i.e., *.ckm

It sounds to me like your castle_volkihar3.ckm was possibly corrupted during the download from steam.

I researched what .ckm files were a few months ago because when I started uploading this mod to both steam and the nexus, people on the nexus were getting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥because the .ckm was so large and truth be said, for nexus users YOU DON'T NEED IT!! But for steam sub'd mods, you do.

So when I upload to the nexus, I do NOT include the castle_volkihar3.ckm, it is not needed to run the mod. Since I know this balls to bones, logic dictates that this is a steam workshop sync file from the mod creator, to the workshop, to the user.

A .ckm is created every time I make a new mod or make changes and hit "save" to an existing mod I am authoring in the creation kit.

Steam however gives it to their subscribers automatically with every mod, as stated before, it is a workshop/Creation Kit related file. No where can I find anything more on google or TES website wiki's what the f*** this thing actually does, so this is my solution, I hope it works for you.

Maybe someone else will know here on the forums.

I apologize for re-stating the same thing a few times in this thread, I just want to be clear on how I came to my conclusions.
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DiGiTaL CLeaNeR May 30, 2013 @ 1:54am 
I also found this related issue with another mod.

Here is another, one guy said he had to "re-install skyrim". That would be a last resort IMO.
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Chris Hpz Sep 19, 2014 @ 7:46pm 
For the last few hours I've been trying to install a mod downloaded from Nexus and it error'ed out every time. Now Nexus has a way for users to view contents of a mod in terms of files. The mod in question in my case did in fact have a .ckm file in it. I was able to remove to .ckm file out of the archive. Upon trying to install the mod again with Nexus Mod Manager, the installation was successful.
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