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Does anyone know a mod that causes freezes an CTD near random encounter areas?
I think the title says it all, but i have heavily modded my Skyrim ( > 100 mods...) they arent any texture mods so its not the GPU or anything, i know that much, but when i get near the random encounter zone, the game lags a bit and then suddenly CTD with no errors.

I believe it has something to do with spawning, but last time the small bandit battle spawned before crash, but it happened ''too late'' imo, it should have spawned before i was a few meters away from it and i believe that's the problem.

I can give more details when and if someone wants to help me with this problem. Thanks in advance! (Ps. i have DG and DB dlcs if that matters)
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Kev Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:23am 
I suggest that you disable any mods that increase or alter extra hunting or civil war mods.

"Warzones civil unrest" for instance caused my game to CTD in just the way you describe (sometimes flying mammoths would be a precursor)

More hunting mod (I cannot remember the name) also caused CTD.

I have 32 gig of ram and a 4 gig gpu so it had to be a scripting fault, though I am guessing.

I agree, noticed i had a warzones mod still active for some reason, testing Skyrim now.
OK, wasnt the warzones, but now Skyrim didnt CTD immideatly when i went near the Random encounter zone. It just started lagging a bit and then it CTD when i pressed start to open the menu (happened before in same areas and im using xbox360 controller)
OK, i've finally tracked my conflicting mods to these 2: Adventurers and travellers and Real Wildlife, not sure what mod is conflicting with them but disabling them fixed the CTD problem (at least for now...)
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