Apolodick 2013. márc. 1. @ de. 2:57
anyone know how to remove Skyrim: High Resolution Texture Pack (Free DLC) ?
after I downloaded this (witch was a huge mistake for ME) skyrim keeps crashing on me.
before I downloaded it my game went smoothly and now I want to remove it because I can't play the game.. could anyone give me some pointers to remove Skyrim: High Resolution Texture Pack (Free DLC)
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Apolodick 2013. márc. 1. @ de. 3:22 
please anyone help :(
psicon 2013. márc. 1. @ de. 3:55 
You choose the Data Files option from that first box that Skyrim pops up. From there you will see a list of files with checkmarks. Just uncheck every file called HiResTexturePack. There's usually three of them.
DrZann 2013. márc. 1. @ de. 4:49 
Also, I believe Steam customer support can remove the HD Texture DLCs associated with your account so you can delete the packages without having them re-download.
FurryGuyJeans 2013. márc. 1. @ de. 8:52 
Easiest, most successful way to remove the HD packs is to disable them from loading in the Data Files section of the Skyrim launcher. The files are still on your hard-drive, but the game won't load them.

To actually remove them and not have them download again is to contact Steam Customer Support and get the files removed from your purchase list. Then you can delete them from your HD.
nedl9vsex ápr. 25. @ de. 11:21 
^which will take not less than a week.
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