pbjeronimo Feb 19, 2013 @ 1:30am
unsubscribe quest mods
If i unsubscribe a quest mod after finishing the quest will i lose any lvling i did during the quest?or only the location and items?cause i finished moonpath to elswery(whitch btw was too small) and i dont wanna have many quest mods running
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Daniel Feb 19, 2013 @ 2:29am 
yes you can disable it, like you have say, you lose item and all any other thing they have something to view with this mod, (try to not having something on you they have something to view with this mods), it's help to not having sign when you load after saying you they miss texture, and no you don't lost your level, but to be sure, go in a small house (one of your house you need to loading for enter), after disable it but don't unsuscribe now, wait to try, when you have disable it, go to load your game to view if they laught well,
some mods can break your game when you delete it...,

if all loading well, the game will say you they miss something, just click ok, after just save your game on a new file (don't overwrite), it's help sometime to make a clean save, go out of the game and now unsuscribe the mods, load your game and save it again in other new file, you can delete your older save they contain this mods in it to be sure to not make a load of it by error...
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